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New Do

Simon&Alisha sexy time
I got a new hairstyle, I cut it shorter than I ever have :O

I'm growing out my relaxer so I need to cut off the fucked up part, eh, I'm still getting used to it.

I have finally gotten over my abandonment of MAC/makeup. Time to get rid of that awful crap I bought during that time (serious, SERIOUS crap) I mean..Loreal? EW!! What was I thinking? As part of my entering college thing, I've decided on a plan of action to get caught up with MAC. Every month that I do good in school, I will allot myself $50 to buy makeup/clothing..I mean, who needs to eat anyway?? xDD

I'm bored, my best friend is off in Europe, I'm stuck in Florida watching dogs and I wish I was in NY visiting my sister. When I get my first pay, I shall run off to the MAC store and buy some more stuff. Hm, maybe I'll check out Sephora too.

Pics of my new hair to come soon :O


Attacking Emo's

Simon&Alisha sexy time
Ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you that the emo movement bothers me a lot. I don't hate emo people, but I find a lot of them to be poseurs trying so hard to fit into a certain scene. I think it's pathetic, a lot of the 'emo' people I know just want the attention, they want people to stare at them when they walk in the mall and just want to draw attention to themselves. That's fine, so do the goths and the punks and the rockabillies, but they're so fake about it as well. I mean, what the hell is the point of cutting yourself because everyone in your movement does, wearing jeans that are so tight your balls are practically being shoved up your makes no sense to me.

However, I understand that the kids that fight so hard to fit that 'emo' description are just teens trying to find who they are, they're just trying out different things. Just like with goths and punks, 'emo' people don't need to walk around screaming 'I'm soooo emo', you don't need to fit into a certain scene, especially one that is so un-natural to you...just be yourself and be natural. Really, the most upsetting thing about the scene is the music. It's so BAD and WHINY. God, to each their own I guess.

Just because I dislike the emo movement (not the people) does not mean that you have to go around in immature mobs beating on people who are different than you. I know that really, this emo-bashing thing is about homosexuality because emo boys are slightly feminine (even more feminine than a lot of girls), some people just need a day job. Fucking around with the lives of other people is just wrong.

Sometimes I think I can't be any more disappointed in humanity. I'm always wrong


Exit Wounds - Torchwood 2x13

Simon&Alisha sexy time
Really....I'm finding it a bit hard to breathe or swallow or just function right.

Torchwood, you're breaking my heart. I can't even feel excited about Doctor Who tomorrow, unless they bring back Tosh. Seriously, you bastards!



I'm a bit torn between jumping around and crying my eyes out.

So I settled for a bit of both.

This time on Tosh Can"t Keep A ManCollapse )

Thus ends my non helpful fuckingabout review of Reset.

It's Torchwood day! x2

I'll come back later with Reset.


Torchwood: Meat

Simon&Alisha sexy time
Lets just get this clear: If aliens exist, I will never condone eating their everlasting meat. No thank you. That's sick.

Okay, on to the episode. We got to see Rhys a little more this episode, I'm not that huge on Gwen or Rhys (seriously)...Gwen just pisses me off with her fucking Owen, whining about she's the only one with a partner (Jack&Ianto anybody??? It may not be conventional but it's something), gripping about Rhys and now dropping hints about her loving Jack.


But anywho, my own personal key points.
THAT scene between Jack and Ianto, with Ianto just looking back at Jack, and his smile when Tosh said none of them were in relationships. Haha, my ass seriously fell on the floor from pausing a squeeing to much
</end> I think

I loved seeing sensitive Owen, I can now get over the whole date rape thing from last season (thank you Rusty)and see him as someone who is caring. I loved/hated the whole Tosh thing, reaching out to Owen. What is up with Rusty and unrequited love, I swear.

Ianto has just been kicking my ass over and over this season. Episode 1, he's keeping it cool (sorta), episode 2 he is snarky and LOVELY, episode 3 he NEEDS Jack (I know I need me some Jack), and now in episode 4 he was just kicking ASS like there is no tomorrow. I LOVE THIS MAN!!!

Now for the poor alien, I felt very sad for the thing. It was like a big (BIG) boneless baby. Very touching with Jack's connection to it as well as Owens remorse (not to mention him and Tosh - love that woman).

Then Gwen goes back to bitching about not giving Retcon to Rhys, while I loved him in this episode, we only complain when it's someone close to us, get the fuck over it! Rhys made me proud this episode, but Gwen was just trying TOOO hard to prove her love Rhys when you know the bitch is eye-fucking every other man in TW. Sorry, that's not fair, I just can't grow to like her character. I know she's supposed to be the voice of reason/compassion/blahblahblah...but that's not me, I don't dig. Because for such a compassionate person, she still went behind future!hubby's back and fucked Owen. Can't have your cake and eat it too, hoe. I love Eve Myles, but they've just written her character to be someone I can't stand. There are only a few moments I can really tolerate her (Her and Ianto, her and Jack - when not trying to foreshadow (hopefully) to nothing -, and her being sweet with hostages/alien!people) but sometimes she's too much.

I still don't understand how the new girl is gonna take charge when the boss is gone, out of all the people in TW, she has the least experience with aliens. Ianto or Tosh would've been better...but that's just my opinion.

Seriously, I bet CC broke into the TW script vault and edited CT's beautiful work to write that whole Jack holding Gwen against the wall thing. Seriously, that scene was bad. Bad acting, bad writing just bad bad bad. Not because I dislike Gwen, but because it just confused fans and it didn't feel like anyone could get into it..especially the actors

BTW, loved Jack & Rhys's secretary..if only the Doctor was there...
"Stop it!!!"
Oh Tennant you sexy Scotsman
Oh Barrowman you sexy everything



Simon&amp;Alisha sexy time
I wish people would hurry up and upload Torchwood, it's driving me bananas waiting for this episode since I indulged myself into one spoiler:.........THE JANTO KISS!!!

Oh sweet gods be merciful and upload this episode soon because I'm going crazy waiting for it. I love Jack & Ianto and I've been waiting for this kiss since I saw the Series preview.

...In other news my hand seems to have gotten worse. This sucks tremendously but tomorrow I am going to do physical therapy (hip hp hurray?????NO!)

Oh, might I mention that John Barrowman + Never Mind the Buzzcocks = CLASSIC!

"Talk to the hand 'cause the wrist is pissed."
We should so be girlfriends xD

Just for the hell of it....

Simon&amp;Alisha sexy time
Happy Birthday Janis Joplin <3 what a wonderful woman.

Also...Happy un-un Brithday to my Ashwa!

So here it is...

Simon&amp;Alisha sexy time
After a near drunken discussion with Ashwa and listening to too much of the Across the Universe soundtrack, I have decided to send an email like so:

Dear Mizushima Hiro-sama,
Why don't we do it in the road??

I wonder how that would go over...

Dear Paul Anderson...

Simon&amp;Alisha sexy time
pleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE make a sequel for know you want to.
I crave seeing Milla Jovovich kick even more ass, and she'd do it ^_^ All the actors sayed they do it and the way that movie ended just made me want moremoremore!!!



Simon&amp;Alisha sexy time

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